19231 - 33rd Avenue West
Lynnwood, WA 98036-4707
19231 - 33rd Avenue West
Lynnwood, WA 98036-4707

What Makes Us Proud

What Makes Us Proud

Both of my daughters have been involved with Alderwood Dance Spectrum over the course of 20 years. The instructors are knowledgeable and patient with the dancers while instilling poise, confidence and self-esteem. It is a joy to watch the young dancers learn and mature in their abilities.

— Ann R., 9/7/2015

My daughter attended the most wonderful Princess themed birthday party at Alderwood Dance Spectrum when she was 3 years old. The instructor read the story of Beauty and the Beast, then all the children put on tiaras and beautiful outfits as they danced like princesses and re-enacted the story. I knew immediately that we needed to have our future birthday parties here and also needed to attend dance at this studio. It has now been eight years that we have enjoyed classes here. I have two of my daughters and my son enrolled in a total of seven classes. They have something for everyone, at any age, level, and interest. The instructors are wonderful, the classes are great, and the recitals are absolutely amazing. We loved, loved being a part of something so special and I would highly recommend it to anyone. They will not only learn to dance, but they will have the experience of a lifetime.

— Meredith G., 9/17/2015

Both my daughters have been attending classes for 2 months. What a wonderful experience! The teachers are gentle, yet demand respect.

— Jennie P., 10/20/2015

I began dancing at Alderwood Dance Spectrum as a child, and now my own daughter dances there. It is the same amazing studio now as it was 25 years ago. The teachers are wonderful with the kids and really take the time to help them become not only great dancers, but also help them discover confidence in themselves. This studio is a place where all the parents talk to each other in the lobby, the dancers help each other shine in the spotlight, and lifelong friendships are made. I, myself, met my best friend of 20+ years while dancing at Alderwood Dance Spectrum when I was younger and we are still best friends to this day. I really cannot say enough positive things about this studio and am very grateful to be a part of it again!

— Chelsea L., 2017

I'm so pleased with this dance studio! My oldest daughter has been attending classes there for a couple years and has always loved it. The princess classes Ms. Sue teaches are one of her favorite things about this studio! The recitals are so fun and the instructors are awesome! My 2 year old just started last month and loves it as well - Ms. Missy is so good with the little ones and helps them to become more independent, confident, and proud of themselves. I couldn't be happier to see my girls build such valuable skills with this group of instructors!

— Angela C., 2/2/2017

Great dance studio! My daughter and her cousin have been attending since they were 3. Adorable recitals and costumes!

— Jami S., 2018

Dancing here has been the best experience for my daughter. She counts down the days until class and loves her teacher, Ms. Karli. Preschool dance classes have the perfect mix of fun and instruction, and have done wonders to bring a shy 4 year out of her shell. I'd recommend to anyone!!

— Jennifer V., 2017

This is the studio my wife went to for years and loved as a kid. When we had a daughter, we knew this would be the place we would take her and we have not been disappointed.

— Adam N., 2017

What a fantastic company! We are in! We started in January and are just finishing the summer session. I could not be happier. The end of year recital and ballet was such a delight! I am so happy to be able to enjoy a ballet with my family at an affordable price. We will be at the Holiday Show this coming season and all the rest too, I'm sure! I am sorry I didn't know about Alderwood Dance Spectrum 9 years ago! We are looking forward to many years of fun with them!

— Ellie J., 7/30/2016

When my daughter and I walked in the studio almost 6 years ago we had a warm welcome from everyone here. The instructors have taught my daughter to be a confident dancer and other skills such as patience and teamwork that she has uses in her everyday life. Excellent studio with an amazing end of the year recital.

— Christina B., 9/14/2015

This studio has served the area for 30+ years.  Miss Sue is the gentle demander - and watching students grow from year to year as they gain skill is such a pleasure!  The studio hosts two recitals each year - a holiday show which always kicks off my holiday season with smiles and familiar tunes.  Then, each June there is the "big recital" on the "big stage" at Everett Civic Auditorium.  This show is actually a pretty major, themed production.  There is nowhere else in town you will get a terrific live performance for only $5! My own children have been students at the studio since 1998.  We are loyal supporters of the local arts - and our children's arts education.

— Casey B., 12/6/2011

I danced here as a child and it's great to now have my own daughter enrolled! Excellent leadership and patience with the little dancers! Love the "closed curtain" concept. Allows your dancer to give their full attention to teacher! Highly recommend!

— Erin B., 6/18/2017

I am so excited that my 2 and a half year old daughter is beginning to develop a love for dance. My daughter couldn't be more excited about dance class, her friends and her amazing teacher, Miss Karli.

— Taryn L., 10/6/2016

I really cannot say enough wonderful things about this studio. The instructors are amazing, there are many different classes for every age and interest, the prices are more than fair, and the Christmas and June recitals make for the fondest memories of a lifetime. We walked into this studio over 9 years ago to attend an incredible princess themed birthday party, and I'm so very thankful we did. My 12 year old daughter has been enrolled in many different classes over the past nine years, my 10 year old son has done Hip-Hop here for the past 3 years, my 5 year old is in her 3rd year of dance, and my 2 1/2 year old has just started her journey. The dances they learn, the skills they are taught, the friends they make, the productions they are involved in, the experiences they have, are worth every dime spent on tuition and their costumes, and every second spent getting them back and forth to class. This studio and everything it has to offer is outstanding and you will not be disappointed.

— Meredith G., 2017